Beautiful Nails | Top Tips For Beautiful Nails

Beautiful Nails are an important part of our hands so proper care of nails are necessary. Clean,healthy and beautiful nails not only add beauty to our hands but also prevent many health problems caused by germs and bacteria.

here are many more home remedies and useful tips for nails care. In this article we will discuss some simple natural nail care tips and remedies for Beautiful Nails.

Beautiful Nails

Top Tips For Beautiful Nails

1. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water and soak your nails in this solution for few minutes. Now wash them with warm water and apply a moisturizer. This is a useful tip to remove stains from your nails.

2. Another useful tip is to massage your nails with cotton dipped in lemon juice and wash them after few minutes. With regular use of this remedy, your nails will become strong and shining.

3. Olive oil is one of the widely used home remedy for a number of beauty tips. To make your nails beautiful and shiny, daily application of olive oil is very useful.

4. Beetroots are rich in calcium and vitamin D. Daily intake of beetroots will make your nails beautiful. Also include other calcium rich foods such as milk.

5. Soak your nails in warm mustard oil for 8-10 minutes. Now rub them gradually so that blood circulation is normal. This should be done daily to make your nails healthy and strong.

6. Do not soak your nails for a long time in any high alkaline content. This will make damage to them.

7. Protect your nails from dyes because they take on the color of dyes.

8. Avoid tobacco as nails of tobacco smokers get discolored.

9. Constantly soaking the hands in detergent solution can cause irritation that may lead to a chronic nail infection.

10. Wear cotton gloves in summers to absorb sweat. This will prevent infection.

11. Cut your toenails straight and not curved. Incorrect nail cutting, foot injury and ill-fitting shoes may cause small fragments of the toenails to separate at the edges and grow into the skin.

12. Immerse your nails in warm olive oil for 15-20 minutes on alternate days. This is a useful tip to harden soft nails.

Some Other Important Tips For Beautiful Nails

Manicure tools should be sterilized between uses. You should also wash your hands with a disinfectant soap before working on your nails.

Give your hands a spa treatment to keep them soft and supple. Just like your face, hands need exfoliating and moisturizing treatments.

If you want to moisturize your hands and nails frequently throughout the day, so as to keep them from cracking under the pressure.

Wear kitchen gloves when washing dishes or unloading the washing machine or dishwasher. The reason is because washing detergent is harsh on nails and skin, so you should avoid getting it on your hands

Polish and buff your nails three or four times a week. It will keep them healthy and looking great as well as help prevent discolorations.

Fast Tips For Pretty Nails

  • Always keep your manicures looking fresh. Change colors or styles at least every other week, or as soon as they chip beyond repair.
  • Consider adding a glitter topcoat or a pearly topcoat for added sheen and shine.
  • Paint your own nail designs for a fashionable and pretty look on your nails.
  • Add nail decals or nail stickers when you need a change.
  • Wear a French manicure for special occasions and important events.
  • Go bright and bold for summer.

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